Junior Pent Workshop

                                                                                                                 Junior Pent Workshop 

Junior Pent Workshop



If you only have a small garden and are looking additional space for storage then our  pressure treated junior Pent Workshops provide an ideal solution. Our junior workshops offer an eaves height of 1.8 metres and ridge height of 2.4 metres and are available in any size to suit.These Pent workshops are the ultimate versatile outdoor space and are build using the finest superior grade tongue and groove shiplap cladding and benefit from having heavy duty 44mm x 33mm finished framing throughout.The security features of our tanalised junior Pent workshops include galvanised hinges and press lock with key.

Key Features for our Pressure Treated heavy duty Workshops include

44mm x 33mm framework throughout

Corner diagonal bracing with screwed joints

12mm Tanalised tongue and grooved shiplap cladding

Galvanised Tee hinges with press lock

Joinery made windows

Solid tongue and groove floor matchboard nailed to 44mm x 44mm bearers

OSB roofing sheets

Black Onduline sheets

Our Junior Workshops use strong rounded four corner framework throughout and the roof covering used on all our junior workshops are black corrugated onduline roofing sheets.This roof covering offers fantastic durability as well as being fully waterproof.

All windows used on our Junior workshops are joinery made pressure treated.


We offer our standard Pent Shed in 2 Model Types


Model A is a standard Pent shed and features Door under the Tall side with windows to the side of the door. This shed is available in many different sizes and door can be either left or right hinged. Door can be positioin left, right or central.

Model A
Model A

Model B

Model B is a standard reverse  pent shed and features door under the gable and windows under the tall side. This shed is available in many different sizes and door can be either left or right hinged. Door can be positioned at either side of the gable.


Junior Pent Workshop





Available Sizes

Size Minimum Base Size mm Area covered Sq Ft Widows Standard Height
6 x 4 1800 x 1200 24 2         √
7 x 5 2100 x 1500 35 2         √
8 x 6 2400 x 1800 48 2         √
10 x 6 3000 x 1800 60 2         √
12 x 6 3600 x 1800 72 2         √
6 x 8 1800 x 2400 48 2         √
8 x 8 2400 x 2400 64 2         √
10 x 8 3000 x 2400 80 2         √
12 x 8 3600 x 2400 96 2         √
6 x 10 1800 x 3000 60 2         √
8 x 10 2400 x 3000 80 2         √
10 x 10 3000 x 3000 100 2         √
12 x 10 3600 x 3000 120 2         √

Technical Spec

Framework – Ex 38mm x 50mm(Finished 34mm x 44mm) Planed & Round Edged
Cladding – ex 19mm x 125mm (Finished thickness 12mm) T & G Shiplap
Floor – ex 16mm x 125mm (Finished thickness 15mm) T & G on 2″ x 2″ Floor Joists
Roof – Onduline roofing sheets nailed to OSB boarding
Windows – Joinery Produced with Toughened Glass
Doors – 3ft x 5ft10″ Box Frames Door with Galvanised T-Hinges, Lock & Key right or left hinged
Eaves/Ridge Height – Eaves – 1.8m Tall Ridge Height – 2.2m